A sampling of my stuff.  All the works here may be purchased for $500 or less, framed or unframed, depending on their size.  I’m happy to ship.

Here is a scene from Truchas, NM, done on commission.  Madeline, who requested the painting, played in the little church as a child and her grandmother lived in the house with the blue roof ?back when this was a busy rural township.

Some views of El Morro or “Inscription Rock,” where a perennial pool at the base of the cliff has for centuries drawn passerby who carved their signatures into the stone, from ancestral Zuni people to Spanish Conquistadors and pioneers traveling west by wagon train.

Sometimes I put my French easel on the back of my motorcycle to explore and paint on location. Here is an October field in Placitas, New Mexico on the high road to Taos. The chapel called “Our Lady of Light” was constructed in 1926 in Lamy, where the train runs nearby.

Aspens in Placitas
Campos de octubre.  Oil, 12″ x 16″ I often paint on masonite rather than canvas. This scene, for me, captured the moment between leaves in full glory and those Shakespeare described as bare ruined choirs, “When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. Upon those boughs which shake against the cold.”


Our Front Yard, Oil, 20″ x 24″ Views of the Jemez just out our front door.

Truchas, Oil, 12″ x 16″  The peaks of the Pecos Wilderness tower over the little village of Truchas, whose diminutive chapel spire is dwarfed by the verticality of nature.

Tesuque Creek in Snow, Oil, 16″ x 20″  Most people walk up from the trail from the turn out on the way to the Santa Fe Ski Basin, but here’s what you see if you head downhill.

Alt Text

Near Abiquiu, Oil, 16″ x 20″ How many millennia or sedimentation, erosion, volcanic fallout and uplift are hidden in this canyon?


Out by our wood pile, looking west toward the Jemez Range.



Birches, Oil, 14″ x 18″ Unlike most of my paintings, this was done from a photograph rather than plein air.


Looking north toward the Jemez from our front yard in winter.

La Puerta

A typical doorway in an old hacienda on Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

grasshopper canyon

Grasshopper Canyon.


A view of the Winooski River from the bridge near Richmond, Vermont. This painting won an award for “Traditional Objective Landscape” in a show at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, VT.


Pecos, Oil, 24″X 30″ I have painted many views and perspectives of the old mission ruins at Pecos, where 400 years ago a thriving pueblo of 2000 souls lived in a world transitioning between the old and new.

I don’t have many opportunities to do portraits.  These watercolors and pastels are from my “Women of Power” series.  Please get in touch if you would like to commission a portrait of you, a pet or family member.  Thanks for looking!