A small sampling of my stuff.  All the works here may be purchased for $500 or less, framed or unframed, depending on their size.  I’m happy to ship.

Some views of El Morro or “Inscription Rock,” where a perennial pool at the base of the cliff has for centuries drawn passerby who carved their signatures into the stone, from ancestral Zuni people to Spanish Conquistadors and pioneers traveling west by wagon train.

The chapel called “Our Lady of Light” is located in Lamy, New Mexico, where the trains run through. Constructed in 1926, the church has been deconsecrated and is now under the care of a local preservation group.

Clouds over the Galisteo Basin, just south of Santa Fe. The skies really are bluer in New Mexico.

Two views of the Big Tesuque Creek in wintertime. Most people who stop here head uphill toward the Ski Basin, but here is what you see if you go downhill. Below, some scenes from my front yard.

October fields near Penasco, New Mexico.

These scenes, for me, capture the moment between leaves in full glory and those Shakespeare described as bare ruined choirs, “When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. Upon those boughs which shake against the cold.”

The Rio Chama and Chavez Canyon. My wife and I pitched a tent here in early September and this is what I saw.